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A switch can be calibrated using a set screw which, by acting on a calibration spring, determines its load. The spring opposes the thrust of the pressure exercised by the fluid on the sensitive element (a membrane or piston), allowing the electrical contact to close or open only when the pressure setting is reached.

In the SWITCHING CONTACTS (SPDT) of Fig. 3 version, the presre of the fluid on the separating element (diaphram or piston) causes a microswitch to switch. Either NC or NO contacts, or both, can be used in this version.

27N-28N 46


Diaphragm pressure switch - adjustable hysteresis - SPDT contacts Piston pressure switch for low pressure with - SPDT contacts Piston pressure switch with SPDT contacts
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Diaphragm pressure switch with SPDT contacts Pressure switch with double microswitch K5 Pressure Switch